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WROCO Focused Sessions

Papers for Interactive Discussions

WROCO operates special sessions – Focused Sessions – for papers with innovative and interesting ideas, which may naturally bring active interactions between the authors and audiences. While oral presentations are one-way communication plus a few questions and answers, the presentations in the Focused Sessions are fully interactive for the whole-day long. In order to enable the full-day interaction and to share the research results in the most effective way, the authors will prepare a poster, experimental setup, prototype for demonstration, and/or research videos. Although the Focused Sessions will last for the whole day, there will be a designated time slot for authors to stay in front of their poster or experimental setup during the day; at this time the authors can definitely communicate and discuss with the audience.
The authors of the papers selected for this Focused Session must prepare an A0-sized poster. If the authors need a table for demonstration, please contact the conference organizer (contact@cams-wroco.org) before the conference. Please note that the conference will NOT print the poster for authors; they must prepare a printed poster.