The joint conference of IFAC CAMS and WROCO aims at bringing together professionals, key scientists, industrial practitioners, researchers and students to present and share novel research ideas and results in the wide area of control applications. The specific topical areas of each conference include (but are not limited to):

Specific Topics for IFAC CAMS 2019

  • Intelligent and autonomous marine systems
  • Surface vehicles and floating platforms
  • Underwater vehicles and manipulators
  • Subsea construction and operation
  • Dynamic modeling, simulation and HIL testing
  • Control system design and applications
  • Vehicle guidance and navigation
  • Distributed and cooperative systems
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligent
  • Multi-modal sensor fusion
  • Perception and cognition
  • Propulsion systems and energy efficiency
  • Emission reduction and decarbonization
  • Fault diagnosis and fault tolerance
  • Risk and life cycle assessment in marine systems
  • Marine cyber-physical systems and maritime security
  • Ocean renewable energy and applications

Specific Topics for IFAC WROCO 2019

Major topics:

  • Controls in industrial and manufacturing robotics
  • Controls in medical and rehabilitation robotics
  • Controls in human-robot interaction
  • Controls in emerging robotics
  • Control and component technologies for robots

Examples of specific topics:

  • Control of robot locomotion
  • Visual servo control
  • Motion control of servo systems
  • Force control in robot manipulator
  • Learning robot control
  • Bio-inspired robot control
  • Control of soft robots
  • Multi-robot control
  • Robot control from the cloud