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Presentation Types

The joint conference of IFAC CAMS 2019 and IFAC WROCO 2019 will include both oral and poster presentations. The types of presentation are not related to the quality of papers, and the conference treats both oral and poster presentations equally. In the case of IFAC WROCO, the POL options will not affect the types of presentation. Therefore, full papers are required for any type of presentation. If the accepted paper is to be published online (i.e., papers except for ones submitted to the IFAC WROCO with the non-POL option), they will all be published via IFAC PapersOnLine.

If an accepted paper is invited for oral presentation, the authors will prepare 20 minute presentation (15 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion). Any kind of presentation tool (MS Powerpoint, etc.) can be utilized, and a beam projector will be prepared in each session room.

If an accepted paper is invited for poster presentation, the authors must bring their own posters of A0 size (84cm x 119cm portrait). There is no special template for poster. However, it is not recommended for authors to directly print their paper and post the collection of printed pages.