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The 12th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems, Robotics, and Vehicles (CAMS 2019) and the first workshop on Robot Control (WROCO 2019) will be held jointly at KAIST in Daejeon, Korea from 18th until 20th September 2019. This joint conference is to bring together leading scholars, researchers and students in relevant research areas across academia and industry to exchange ideas and to promote cross-disciplinary collaborations.

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Plenary Speakers

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Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institution


Norwegian University of
Science and Technology


University of Zaragoza

Kristin Y.

Norwegian University of
Science and Technology

Masayoshi Tomizuka

University of California,

Type of Contributions

Papers submitted to and accepted for CAMS 2019 will be published online (IFAC PapersOnLine, POL). In the case of IFAC WROCO, authors can select whether or not an accepted paper be published in POL. When the accepted paper is published in POL, the copyright must be assigned to IFAC POL. Even for the non-POL option a submission must have a sufficient body of materials (i.e., 4~6 pages for draft paper submission) to be fairly reviewed for its quality, but an accepted non-POL paper may submit a 3-page version, if a potential copyright issue is foreseen for future journal or other archival submissions. All accepted papers will be available in a USB that will be distributed. Selected papers will be invited to be considered for special issues of SCI-indexed journals after additional review processes.

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